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Mark Steinberg, Ph.D. Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

Mark Steinberg, Ph.D.
Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy 
440 Humphrey Street, Suite 3
Swampscott, MA 01907
Phone: (781) 598-6680
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1975: B.A., U. of Wisconsin-Madison
1979: M.S.W., U. of Louisville 
1992: Ph.D., Simmons College


Harvard Medical School
Cambridge Health Alliance 
Mass. Institute for Psychoanalysis


Swampscott is an oceanfront community in Essex County, Massachusetts located approximately 10 miles north of Boston. Swampscott borders the towns of Marblehead, Salem, and Beverly and is directly accessible by public transportation and has its own stop on the commuter rail. Dr. Steinberg’s office is located at the intersection of Humphrey Street and Puritan Road.


Thoughts and Reflections

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a helping professional.  Coming from a family that always underscored the value of looking out for the next guy certainly had its early influence on me. From there came extensive training-and good training, which had its own positive influences.  For one, I garnered a humanistic philosophy-that we all occupy a continuum regarding our ability to find satisfaction in our work and life in general.   This is not a stance about “sickness.” This is a stance about human strivings and resiliency.  My Ph.D. training as well as my more recent training in psychoanalysis accentuates the need to view the challenges of living from a normative standpoint.  It is about unleashing creativity and reaching fullest satisfaction.  

I think we would all agree that therapy goals should initially emphasize symptom relief.  But how do we understand those stubborn symptoms that have a life of their own and seem to refuse to leave us?  One very important thing I have learned is that, throughout our lives, and due to our unique histories, we form and carry underlying thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that unfortunately serve to maintain feelings like anxiety or depression.  It is only by meeting the heart and soul of each person in an environment of safety that this can be understood and tackled, so that strategies for change can be uniquely tailored. Collaboratively, we examine ways to bring about a renewed sense of hope, trust, and optimism about oneself, as well as about life overall, despite its many challenges.

Services Provided

Psychoanalysis: This is a form of therapy that is comprised of more frequent sessions than typical psychotherapy, and it aims to relieve suffering by exploring the underlying or unconscious sources of emotional pain. This form of therapy often makes use of an exploration of the individual’s direct relationship with the therapist as a method for understanding the underlying sources of emotional discomfort. Symptom abatement can occur as a result of further insight into symptoms and through a new and constructive relational experience with the therapist.

Psychodynamic Therapy: Like psychoanalysis, psychodynamic psychotherapy attempts to look at the underlying sources of emotional pain. However, it is also different than psychoanalysis in several ways. First, it is usually briefer in duration and sessions are not as frequent. Second, it often involves discussing more everyday problems in life which require a more active and direct problem-solving approach. Third, it often makes use of techniques that are drawn from a wider variety of theoretical orientations.

Supervision and Consultation: Dr. Steinberg has extensive experience consulting to organizations and employee assistance programs, primary care physicians, and attorneys. Over the course of his career, he has also provided supervision, consultation and support to other therapists of multiple disciplines. 

Dr. Steinberg has been providing consultative and psychotherapy services for 30 years. He deals with a wide-range of problems including those involving marriage and relationships, anxiety and depression, personality issues, substance abuse and addictions, medical issues, grief and bereavement, and job stress. He is currently on the faculty of Harvard Medical School where he teaches and supervises psychotherapy trainees through the Cambridge Health Alliance. He has also been featured on radio and television and has published several newspaper articles on mental health topics of special interest to the community. He currently has a full-time private practice and is affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis and The PINE Psychoanalytic Center.

Scheduling and Billing:

Scheduling is by appointment only. Please telephone to schedule an initial consultation. Most insurance companies provide some coverage for mental health services.

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